What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is increasingly becoming the cheers of the alcoholic drinks scene having everybody from experienced beer fans to those people who may have initially favored wine becoming involved. So what exactly is craft beer?


Coming initially from the United kingdom around the 70’s, craft brewing has now seen its following grow as increasing numbers of people try the craft beer routine than before. The chemical-free, hand-crafted alcoholic drink which utilizes 100 % natural ingredients, craft beer’s recognition can be caused by an avoidance from chemical preservatives and popular brands preferring more artisan products which are brewed in little amounts.

Craft-Beer-Historian-via-EverythingOnTapSo what exactly distinguishes this from regular beers? To begin with the word ‘craft’ usually signifies the approach towards brewing, not only the end product. These types of beers are usually known as experimental by nature and so are generally brewed within a greater range of ABV (alcohol content) compared to regular beers. For instance, the world’s weakest craft beer weighs about 1.1% ABV whilst the strongest is 55% ABV; a more experimental range compared to the regular 4% mild related to regular brewing processes.

Craft brewing also includes the utilization of strange ingredients that are not usually present in popular beer production. For instance, a few craft breweries tend to flavor their beers not by having an additive or chemical flavoring but with organic, natural ingredients which vary from seaweed to raspberries, pineapple to chocolates. Consumers of craft beer claim that using natural ingredients is among the major draws and would make the beer a lot tastier compared to brews which use artificial flavorings.

Spigelau-Craft-Beer-Tasting-glasses-400Placing the particular brewing method to one side, craft beer could also be told apart from standard brewing by its method of marketing. Lesser budgets and little advertising investment indicates almost all craft breweries create a little sphere of influence. Having a market share of 2%, things might seem to favor big commercial breweries however with the increase of social media marketing along with an expanding community of internet beer lovers, craft breweries could extend their hands a lot more easily than ever before.

Thus, if you find that the common supermarket brands simply do not fill up that hole they used to, or when you have considered trying a substitute for the familiar lagers and stouts that have grown to be something of a routine, why don’t you try a craft beer. You might be happily surprised.