What Are The Four Best Beers In The World According To Sales?

What are the four best beers in the world? Beer connoisseurs would often have an answer to that question. Yet all their answers would be different, based on opinion. Plus you have to think about craft breweries, ones that are highly specialized and not necessarily nationwide or global best sellers. It really depends on what type of beer you like the best, too. That being said, let’s start by answering the question with which beers top the sales charts.


When addressing the question by sales, it’s quite easy to guess which ones rank near the top. If you ask most beer drinkers what the picks would be based on sales and not their opinions, they would be able to guess at least one or two. They might not guess them in order. Think for a moment before you read this next section, and see if you can come up with the top 4 sellers. I bet you guess the beer that ranks #1 on the list.

The #1 best selling beer in America is Bud Light. That was easy, right? Which beer do you think comes in at #2? It’s Coors Light, and then #3 is Miller Lite. What’s #4? Budweiser is #4. Those names aren’t shockers by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s take a closer look. Budweiser is supposed to be the king of beers, right? No doubt, Bud Light is #1 and has been for a long time. What’s noticeable is that more people are drinking light beers than ever before.


In fact, until recently Budweiser was still in the top 3, but it is now #4. Its sales have been declining for years, and now the light beers have the top 3 positions. But what about international beers and those craft beers? While the top 4 beers get the most sales, many beer drinkers like to get a little creative and try something new.

When I drank beer, one of my favorites was a pale ale made in St Louis. Do you know which beer I am referring to? It is called Rolling Rock. Then there is the Jamaican beer, Red Stripe. Dos XX and Corona were two of my other favorites, always served with rock salt and a lime of course. Then there are dark beers like Guinness. There are all kinds of different beers you can try, and you may call one of them your personal favorites. Yet it is hard to argue with the numbers when it comes to the best beers.


The four best beers are Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite and Budweiser, in that order. Have you tried all four of them? I have, and out of the four, my favorite was always Bud Light. You can put a lot of the popularity of those four beers on the marketing that the companies do. Those companies have long held the reins to the beer market in the US. Bud Light will probably never be unseated, but you just never know.

Heineken and Great Bars of the World

It is one of the world’s greatest beers. Where can you enjoy it? At some of the world’s greatest bars, of course. Naturally, you can also enjoy it at home. But, if you are able to travel and visit the place where Heineken originated, you might want to stop in and have one at one of the best bars to drink it.

Amsterdam’s has lots to see and do. It is one of the greatest cities to bike through. When you visit, make a stop at as many pubs as you can to enjoy its pilsners. For the best bar experience in the world, stop over at the Heineken Experience. The brewery closed in 1988 due to excessive demands, but since the beer originated here in 1964, the Experience was built to keep its tradition flowing.


There are four levels of attractions to see, including a spot where you can experience it being brewed and bottled. The Brew U ride is one of the most popular attractions. You can also visit the historic brew room to see the copper vats where the brewing is done. At the end of the tour, you get a glass of beer. This is a self-guided tour so you have the freedom to take everything in at your own pace.

You also get to visit the World Bar. This is a comfortable bar where you can enjoy more beer and enjoy the panoramic videos with scenes all around the world. The table where you put your beer has an interactive map on it. It is fun, but you might have to stand as the World Bar gets packed fast.


The bartenders there will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you want souvenirs of your trip, the gift shop has them for you. From shot glasses to t-shirts, you can take home something to remember your visit to Amsterdam’s original pilsner brewery.

You can also visit the corporate bar, The Intersection, which opened in 2010. At the brewer’s U.S. office, there are happy hours and World Cup parties. There are seven draft beers on tap all of which are from Heineken. Some are brands you will know and others come all the way from South America or Central America. Drink and watch the game or play the game – there are foosball tables available for you to play at.


Can you make it to Ho Chi Minh city? If you can, make it to The World of Heineken, another great spot that commemorates this delicious beer. You get an interactive experience of the brewing process in the form of a 4 D movie ride. The World Bar here has 360-degree views of the city at the top of the Bitexco Financial Tower. It is one of the highest Heineken bars in the city if not Vietnam.


This beer is one of the most famous and popular in the world. Why not try it while traveling at one of the great bars that commemorate it?

Top Breweries in South Africa

It is said that a truly great beer has an indefinable quality, reflecting the brewer’s art and passion. Here are the Top Breweries in South Africa:

South African Breweries

South African Breweries (SAB) was founded in 1895 and has been the leading beverage company in South Africa for over 100 years. This major brewing and bottling company is headquartered in Johannesburg. It was initially established to serve a growing market of miners and prospectors in and around Johannesburg. Today, SAB is South Africa’s premier brewer and leading distributor of beer and soft drinks. In fact, it is one of the world’s largest brewers by volume with more than 200 brands and brewing interests and distribution agreements in 75 countries across six continents. Among the most popular brands of SAB are Carling Black Label, Hansa Pilsener, Castle Lager, Castle Lite and Castle Milk Stout.

Mitchell’s Brewery

Mitchell’s Brewery is South Africa’s second-biggest brewery. Based in a beautiful region of the Garden Route, Mitchell’s Brewery has been brewing craft beers since 1983. It was founded by beer lover Lex Mitchell and is considered to be the original South African craft beer. Mitchell’s Brewery only uses natural ingredients such as water, barley, and locally sourced hops. This brewery has a range of full-bodied, refreshing and tasting beers. The most popular products of Mitchell’s are Forester’s Lager and Bosun’s Pale Ale.

top breweries in south africa

Newlands Brewery

Established in 1820, Newlands Brewery is the oldest operating brewery in South Africa and the home of great South African beer. Using time-honored brewing methods, Newlands spring water and only the finest golden grains and local ingredients, Newlands Brewery crafts international award-winning beers. Today, Newlands Brewery brews 9 famous beers. Newlands Brewery offers a fully guided #BeerExperience for those who want to discover stories and insights into modern-day brewing methods and expert craftsmanship. The Guided Tour will walk you through the journey of beer, from its beginning as a grain, to its end as a well-crafted, ice-cold pint, and the modern-day brewing methods used today. The tour ends with a beer tasting and a couple of pints in the brewery’s historic underground pub.

Clarens Brewery

Located in Distillery in the foothills of the magnificent Maluti Mountains, Clarens Brewery is one of South Africa’s first Brew-Pub, Cidery. With crafted ales, seasonal specialty beers and locally grown apple and cherry cider on tap, Clarens Brewery brews fine handcrafted beers and ciders. Clarens brew 8,000 liters a month on a 800-liter stainless steel system using the finest malts and hops sourced both locally and internationally. Their aim is to provide the best quality beers and ciders and to sway a commercial beer or cider drinker into starting the journey of discovery into the delicious world of craft beer and cider. In Clarens, tastings and brewery tours are conducted free of charge.


Drayman’s brewery

In 1997, Drayman’s Brewery started out in a garage in Villieria, Pretoria. Today, Drayman’s microbrewery specializes in brewing a range of outstanding craft beers equivalent to the finest in the world. Each Drayman’s microbrewery craft beer is hand-crafted with pride, skill, and dedication through a brewing process which does not utilize pasteurization that will change delicate flavor profiles, but rather ultra-filtration which results in a true, all-natural beer, craft-brewed in the finest old-world traditions. The beers are distributed to various restaurants and pubs in the Gauteng province. Among the popular beers brewed at Drayman’s are Altstadt Weissbier, Jolly Monk, and Merlin’s Mild. Besides beer Drayman’s also brew a single malt whiskey.

Darling Brew

Darling Brew is one of South Africa’s first well established and award-winning microbreweries. This microbrewery was established in 2010 and has earned acclaim for its craft beers. This brewery brews a wide range of great craft beers that are loved for their flavor, high-quality ingredients, and slow brewing process. They have a wide range of traditional lagers, ales, oat ales, pale ales, IPA’s, wheat beers and exotic darks. Darling Brew is available across the country in 500ml bottles and available on tap at approved outlets.