About The Cape Brewing Company


Beer is an unusual human invention that has, for thousands of years, been a means by which human beings savor the taste and sensations of a good drink during good times. People all over the world have come to appreciate the flavor and sensations of good beer, from Egypt where ancient dynasties once used scrap bread to make beer to Japan where there are entire eateries dedicated to ensuring patrons have all the beer they could wish for. While over indulgence never leads to anything good, the fact is that a good beer can absolutely make for good times with one’s friends and relatives in the right situation.


The problem, of course, is that not all beer is the same. While there are a wide range of beers on the open market, some are more palpable to dedicated beer drinkers than others. A lot of it can absolutely be cross cultural misunderstandings. Indeed, until recently, a number of low cost beers from the United States would, when exported to Russia, find themselves classified as soft drinks. While beer from the United States enjoys a less than stellar reputation, other nations such as Germany, Canada and Belgium enjoy a reputation as being among the best alcoholic beverages money can buy. Other countries such as Mexico and the United States tend to produce cheaper beers in greater numbers that some people none the less seem to enjoy.


South Africa does not have a particular reputation as a beer producer. Still, the drink is manufactured across the world and South Africa is not an exception. Like many modern beer producers, a number of South African breweries have found themselves getting into the business of craft beers. Craft beers are an evolution of the microbrewing movement of the previous century. Where once making beer was a large scale undertaking that required bulk production to be profitable, now beer making can be done on a smaller, more personal scale, which most dedicated beer drinks consider to be a superior product in both taste and sensations. Craft beer makers are generally smaller breweries that take a great deal of pride in their product, oftentimes making their beers in traditional ways in smaller quantities with higher quality.


One such South African craft beer maker is the Cape Brewing Company. Based in Suider-Paarl, the Cape Brewing Company manufactures a wide range of beers intended to taste good and be an intensely satisfying experience for the drinker. The core of the company’s product lines are their signature brews; pilsner, krystal weiss, lagers and amber weiss. However it is far from unheard of the company to produce seasonal beers such as madarina Bavaria, red weiss, imperial IPA and Oktoberfest for the times of the year when those beers are traditionally served in places across the planet. Drawing their water from a pure, untouched mountain spring and using the best hops and specialized malts, the company also has a specially cultured yeast for each of their beers, resulting in a wide range of drinks.

Started in 2012, the brewery, based on a mountain farm within a beautifully designed brewing building, takes in thousands of visitors each year as curious travelers come to the farm wondering just what South Africa’s contribution to the world beer scene tastes. Most drinks find that their beers are quite good no matter what time of year it is, but particularly in the summer heat of the Cape of Good Hope where the company is located. The company does not really ship its beers, but they often sell their beers at a wide range of festivals across South Africa, and frequently put their drinks to the test in global beer festivals and competitions.

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