Explore Cape Town’s 5 Best Bars

Cape Town, South Africa has a reputation as one of the most scenic places in the world. It is also one of the best destinations for those who want to just kick back and relax and take in the ambiance of what is know as South Africa’s ‘Mother City’.

It’s after dark that some of Cape Town’s greatest attractions come alive, including some of the best bars for really getting rid of those big city blues.

Here are some of the best that Cape Town has to offer.

#1 The Cape Town Club.


Established in 1858 The Cape Town Club on historic Queen Victoria Street was for more than a century a men’s only bastion of tradition. However, even the most staid of institutions must move with the times. Today the club has thrown open its doors to all – and is one of the most majestic places to enjoy a tipple. The old school decor and the view of the company gardens makes this the perfect venue to just sit back and enjoy a quiet drink with some close friends. Marble tiles, wood paneling, chandeliers and genuine leather seating give this venue a gravitas that is simply too good to miss.

#2 The Beerhouse.


If you enjoy beer The Beerhouse is the place to be in Cape Town. The management claims that this venue has the largest selection of beers on the African continent. Situated on Long Street in the city and boasting 26 taps this is really the only place to spend some time out of the sun during Cape Town;s sometimes blistering summer. A selection of 99 different bottled brews from 13 countries also rounds of a spectacular beer themed drinks extravaganza. Match your food to a beer recommendation and enjoy the best of both worlds.

#3 Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar.


A unique approach to one of the British Empire’s favorite tipples – gin, this Bree Street drinks establishment has quickly gained a cult following. With gin from (among others) Austria, England, Ethiopia, Germany, Southern Spain, Tanzania, Sweden, Scotland and South Africa and seven different styles of tonic water there’s enough here to keep the night funky and fresh till the early hours of the morning. It’s your choice whether you want to enjoy your tipple in the old school lounge or enjoy your drinks in the alfresco courtyard – either way this is a great way to enjoy a balmy Cape Town evening.

#4 Tjing Tjing.


Home to some of the best cocktails in Cape Town Tjing Tjing on Longmarket Street is a roof bar that has captured the hearts and imaginations of Cape Town’s smart set. With Japanese inspired offerings like the cucumber martini laced with gin and thyme it’s not difficult to see why. The tapas is also exceptional.

#5 Mount Nelson’s Planet Bar.


Go back in time to a gentler more refined age at Mount Nelson’s Planet Bar. This bar in the Mount Nelson hotel serves a dollop of colonial elegance in the form of champagne cocktails as well as a variety of other classic drinks. This is where the rich and famous of Cape Town’s elite go for drinks. you should too.

A night out at one of Cape Town’s great bars is the perfect way to round off a day in this most wonderful of African cities – get there and raise a glass to South Africa’s Mother City.