Craft Beer Bars Cape Town

Cape Town, the town of mountain, sea, wine farms and now the craft beer! There is a ‘Beer Revolution’ taking place in the city with exciting and new micro-breweries sprouting up like mushrooms. There are many breweries you can go to around the city and lots of restaurants now provide local brews on their own menus. Have a look at the five of our favourites.

1. Engruna, Sea Point


During this era of food and beer/wine combinations, who can resist in the classic beer and burger or beer and pizza pairing? Having a craft beer menu which can help you stay very busy trying various craft beers for several days, Engruna in Sea Point is really a winner. Include in their craft beer menu, great pizzas and burgers, and you will be a true winner.

Situated on Sea Point’s hectic Main Road, the restaurant includes a covered exterior verandah as well as inside seats. It’s an excellent destination to enjoy an afternoon viewing the world pass, drinking cold beer and munching upon scrumptious, thin-based, pizza – they are really generous when it comes to their toppings, they’re a lot of scrumptious pizzas!

2. Rafiki’s, Tamboerskloof


Rafiki’s has turned into a Cape Town institution since the time it opened during 2000. Noisy, active and vibrant, they’ve got a big, ever-changing menus of craft beers. Having its 35-metre veranda positioned on top of Kloofnek Road, it is the best place to sit down and view the vehicles go by having a chilly beer and Signal Hill and Lion’s Head being a background.

Their particular menu includes pub-type food items – burgers, pizzas, sticky ribs and stuff like that. It is affordable and you will find often food special offers on particular days. Wednesdays are Mexican Day – all Mexican food including margaritas are 50% less.

It is the sort of spot in which a ‘quick pop in for a beer’ quickly becomes an all-nighter.

3. Weinhaus + Biergarten, CBD


This small bar is within the cellar of one of the oldest properties in Cape Town, the Riebeeck Square. The basement, that holds the Weinhaus + Biergarten, is rumoured of having a lot of functions throughout the years, a few a bit shadier compared to others. No matter whether these are rumour or truth, the spot has historical past and its stone walls still stand still, while throngs of people step inside it, arriving from the huge street-side courtyard with large companionable tables underneath the trees to get their food and drinks in the bar.

They have their own craft beers, the Brewer’s Union, and so are made in Belgium and Germany and introduced into SA. They are the individuals who were among the first to begin the craft beer ‘revolution’ around the city. They’re huge in their branding, so make sure to have a look at their various labels while trying one of these craft beers.

4. Beerhouse on Long, CBD


We all sung it, but now we experience it – 99 bottles of beer right on the wall. They are generally called craft beer, both international and local. Then add that 16 beers on tap and you are essentially in craft beer paradise at Beerhouse on Long.

They’ve got a huge beer menu which describes all the variants of beer, helping you make a good choice for your palette. Best of all, they’ve got a beer tasting and food pairing along with exciting blends such as Turkish Mulberries served up with a taster of Chilli Biltong or Lakeside Hefeweizen.

Positioned on lively Long Street with seats around the porch looking over the experience, the Beerhouse is loud and entertaining. They’ve got regular lunch special offers as well as a pub-food menu including bitterballen, Flammkuchen and Bunny Chow – crunchy beer-bread dough-type pizzas having a creme fraiche base as well as toppings such as ham hock feta cheese as well as onion marmalade. You’ll find that there’s a lot of that to the line in your stomach, in readiness to have a great attempt for trying as numerous of the 99 as you’re able to handle!

5. The Dog’s Bollocks, Gardens


The Dog’s Bollocks, in the side street in between Hope Street and Buitenkant Street in Gardens, is really a hole-in-the-wall treasure. It’s, essentially, a roofed in the lobby in between 2 garages: lengthy, narrow and equipped with wire outdoor furniture. At the rear, you can find a coffee bar. In day time opening hours, it’s called the Bitch’s Tits. Together, it’s called Yard.

If you opt for craft beer, then the night-time version is the right time to visit as you’re able to test the amazing burgers. They produce just 50 per night. The idea is easy: place your name on the board, relax and see the hipsters be hip as you take a beer till your own name is called. Then pick which type of burger you like and eat. By the way, they are really big.

They’ve got their very own craft beer, remarkably known as… The Dog’s Bollocks. It is really great. Taste really good.